Saturday, September 27, 2014

Go, go,go..

I am starting to feel like I have done nothing but run since September has begun. 
1.We started the first week of school for me on a Tuesday, the kids on Wednesday, and open house for me Thursday night. 

2.Soccer has been every Tuesday night and Saturday games.  We have made some new friends with the other families, so its been fun.  Evan isn't a soccer star but is slowly improving.

3.Sara has dance on Tuesday.  I rush home from school, and of course one Tuesday a month is faculty meeting day.  She has dance at 4:30-5:30 and Evan has soccer from 6-7, but it has been ending closer to 7:30.  Tuesdays are a nightmare, Marc has been out of town each week.  I have been cooking a roast in the crockpot, making potatoes when I get home and leaving Evan to eat and get dressed with my mom while I take Sara to dance.  Then we rush home to switch clothes and head to soccer.  Well this week we decided in advance Sara wouldn't go to soccer and would stay with my mom.  On the way home from dance, a 3 mile drive, she started screaming.  Blood was gushing from her nose and I had nothing to hand her.  Poor Sara held her nose and managed to save her leotard but her hair and face was covered. 

4.I am the sophomore class advisor.  Luckily most duties are done by the end of September.  I have had to do 2 concession stands for JV games.  One on a Saturday morning and one on a Thursday evening.  Yesterday I had to spend the day with the students making a float for homecoming.  Then return to school at 5:15 to march in the homecoming parade.  My kids had a blast doing this.  I bought a ton of candy and they loved throwing it to the kids and they even saw a few of their friends from school.  The kids even had bagpipers and a live reindeer.  Our theme was celebrate the holidays.  From there I had to rush to parent/teacher night at their school.  It was a marathon of a day.  Tonight I have to chaperone the homecoming dance.  Not only do I have to do that but my students are selling the drinks, so my garage is full of drinks, that I am struggling to get cold.  The dance is held at the fairgrounds, and no cooler is available.  So I am filling my neighbors pool house fridges with Gatorade and water!  I have two more concession stands left and most of my duties can be done.   I feel like I am playing monopoly and I can pass GO soon!  I do get paid well for this, so there is a reward.

5.It was nice to talk with Sara's teachers last night.  Kindergarten is definitely the right choice for her.  She is outgoing and independent.  She also has everyone wrapped around her finger.   My vain little girl hears how cute she is so often that she has learned to turn it on as needed.  They did say she is always happy and smiley.  Evan is the opposite he is more serious and reserved.  They have small classes this year and that is fantastic. 

6. I thought I was finally going to have a slow week this week and then realized I have a dentist appointment, my yearly OBGYN appointment, and a concession stand this week.  The first week of November I am taking 25 kids to NYC... at this rate June will be here in no time!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A new year...

I started this last week... and added more, so its jumping around a bit. 

We started a new school year.  Sara will be wearing a uniform for the first time and told me how pretty it was as she was preparing for bed.  Evan has told her they are very ugly.  She woke up and was so excited.  She was so giddy to put on her jumper it was adorable. 

We have been busy making bows via pinterest, learning sight words, practicing writing our letters, and having lots of fun.  Tonight I read her "The Night Before Kindergarten" and after we talked and cuddled for a few minutes she asked to have it read again.  I wish I could keep her little for a long, long time. 

Evan has progressed into the I want to be with my friends stage.  We have had lots of playdates this summer and he has a good friend that lives across the street.  They love to play together. 

We were fortunate to have lots of fun this summer the zoo, Fantasy Island, Canalside, the beach, our cottage, gymnastics lessons, soccer, dance lessons, swim lessons, Lego Mindcraft camp, a trip to Florida, blueberry picking, strawberry picking, and lots of time to relax together.  Sara is still picking strawberries everyday in our garden.  She loves the garden and loves to share it with the neighborhood kids.  Today they were all pulling up carrots. 

Well 3 days into the year and the kids are happy.  Evan is in a class of 15 and Sara in a class of 16.  This is a big change for us.  Last year many schools were closed and many families joined our school.  Each grade increased from one to two classes per grade.  Sara has Evans teacher from last year, and Evan has a teacher who is certified in elementary but had taught middle school in the past.  So far the kids are fine.  Evan told me Sara has it much better because Kindergarten and PreK were easier and they had time to play!

I have the juniors I had last year as Seniors.  I really like these kids and have them 3 periods per day.  We had open house on Thursday night so I was able to tell there parents how lucky I am to have the kids for the second year.  These are the kids we will take to NYC in November.  I also have a Keyboarding class and a Junior class of College Success Skills, and two study halls.  The good thing is I am not traveling around the building, the bad thing is I have lunch at 10:15, and don't have another break until 2:05.  In the past I had a 11:00 lunch and could run over and have lunch with my kids occasionally.  Unfortunately it won't happen this year. 

We start Dance again this week and Evan is playing school soccer.  Our first game will be this weekend.  I am hoping for sunshine.  I am such a fair weathered fan!nn

Monday, June 2, 2014

Splish Splash

Wow... we had our first recital and I am so impressed.  The studio does a matinee for the under 7 classes.  The entire event was 16 dances and was under one hour.  Sara did fantastic.  She is the teachers pet, and the helpers (this studio has high school girls assisting in class).  It helps that the helpers all attend my high school.  Sara was the first one out on stage and the first one out for the finale. 

She was more worried about getting flowers after her recital than dancing in front of a crowd.  As we walked in and she saw other parents carrying flowers she asked where hers were.  We then passed a table where we could purchase flowers and she was very puzzled.  I kept telling her I didn't know if she would get any or not.  I had went grocery shopping in the am, and picked up two bouquets.  Sara adores flowers, she would pick every flower in our yard if I allowed her to.  This spring she looked out the window each day waiting for the first daffodil to bloom.  Of course we had to pick it as soon as it bloomed!  So after the recital Marc and Evan gave Sara the flowers.  She was so proud.  I had bought a bouquet of miniature roses.  She was so excited to have roses.  I told her you only get roses when someone really, really loves you.  She told me her Daddy loves her lots.  It was so sweet, and worth the cost of the flowers.  She then had to remove the leaves and put them in the vase herself! 

It was  a long week, Tuesday was a rehearsal, Wednesday speech, Thursday my observation, Friday another rehearsal, Saturday a dress rehearsal and a trip to our cottage, and Sunday a 2pm recital, and tomorrow I give my final exam.  She tested above her age level in speech.  She has progressed so quickly through it and she works so hard.  She was trying to tell me queen last week, and after correcting her and making her practice it a few times, she says it perfectly.  I am going to continue the speech biweekly for the summer.  I debated this but Evan has an open bite and he can be included in the hour too.  He has a very slight speech issue with s, sh, z.  Sara will get some extra so hopefully she will completely ready for kindergarten and to start reading!

The past few summers I had to beg Evan to swim, well once again today, my kids were in the pool first and the longest.  I can't wait to go to Florida, I am determined to have them swimming solo when we return.  Last year Sara was swimming underwater independently, but hasn't tried it yet this year. 

Tonight we were treated to a beautiful double rainbow! 

Sunday, May 25, 2014


 Well today we were invited to our neighbors pool and for the first time ever, both the kids were the first ones in and the last ones out.  Sara is the more adventurous, athletic of the two, and usually the swimmer.  Well today Evan was loving the pool too,  although it was way to chilly for me.   The air was around 78 and the pool 76. 
      I can't wait until our trip to Florida it should really give there swimming skills a great start.  When we return I have them signed up for 2 weeks of daily swim lessons.  I may change one of the weeks because I found out at church today there is Vacation Bible School from 10-12 for a week.  I'm not sure if I want 3 full weeks of daily activities.    Although having them in a safe familiar place for 2 hours a day would give me a bit of freedom for a week!  We also signed up for gymnastics once a week for the summer. 
     This week we have Sara's dance recital.  Sara is a great dancer for her first year.  She has the routine down and practices it along with the iPad.  We have been working on rag curls for the recital.  Her dance is "Splish Splash" and she is wearing a pink bathrobe and sequined shower cap($74.... don't ask!)  She is supposed to have two low curly ponytails.   I love her teacher it is my former student and she was also just hired to teach 2nd grade at Evan and Sara's school.  I am not pleased with the studio, the price of the costume was crazy, I had to wait in line for 2 1/2 hours to get 5 tickets for the recital.  If I wanted more I had to return on a different day... thank goodness I can get by with 5!  This week we have an extra rehearsal on Tuesday, a rehearsal on stage Friday night, a full dress rehearsal on Saturday, and Sunday at 2pm the recital.  The nice part of the recital is that it is the 7 and under students only.  We were promised it is a one hour recital.  
     Yesterday we made a trip to the zoo.  I just renewed our membership, it takes about 25 minutes to get to the zoo and we stayed for 90 minutes.  The kids had a great time, we had not been since last summer.  Evan had his heart set on seeing the tigers, the were not out.  We found out they only show them in the afternoon.  There are a ton of new exhibits being built and remodeling going on.  So we did see the polar cubs and a baby gorilla.  The kids were happy to just have some freedom after the long winter.
    Sara and I have been busy planting a garden.  Marc has done all of the hard work and we are doing the fun work.  We planted a ton of strawberries and also planted peas, beans, peppers,  lettuce, eggplant, yellow squash, zucchini, acorn squash, and one lonely pumpkin.  We still need to plant some sunflowers and the cucumbers that Sara started in her class at Wegmans.  I started planting some annuals.  I have spent a fortune and still need to purchase a few more plants.  I love flowers and have four hanging baskets and a ton of pots. 
    Tonight my Mom walked up for dinner and Sara insisted on going home with her.  I love when we can easily wander back and forth to Grandma's house.  My mom only lives 6 house away, but on a different street.  So unfortunately the kids are not old enough to go back and forth on their own yet.  Someday I am sure they will be running away to Grandma's.  After such a cold winter and a chilly spring we are not used to being outside!

Friday, May 23, 2014


Each year Evan and Sara's school celebrates teacher appreciation week.  They end the week with a mass where one child says something about the each staff member and another presents her with a flower.  Unfortunately I could not attend this year, so luckily my Mom went.  I called my Mom yesterday morning (I was in interviews all day) and asked her how it went.  She said Sara (she is the youngest in the school of prek-8)went up to the podium on the alter, and she didn't say anything and then an older boy helped her.  I was waiting for her to say that Sara burst into tears, well she said Sara with her little voice said "I Love Mrs. Budny because she ii s beautiful!", I has asked her last week if she would like to say something about her teacher and that is what she instantly said, so I asked her a few times during the week and she repeated the same  phrase each time. 

My mom and a few friends from church said it was dead silence and then everyone had tears in their eyes.  Her teacher sent home a beautiful thank you note telling us that she never imagined 4 words could mean so much.  Sara really loves school and has excelled in it.  I am so glad that our cut off date in NY is December 1st, I can't imagine what a disservice it would have been to her to hold her back another year.  It is often a topic that comes up with other parents and in Sara's case she has had no issues with attending school early. The teacher I work most closely with actually has a December 19th Birthday and she was always the youngest in her grade.  Its interesting how the cut off changes from state to state.  My best friend from high school has a cutoff of June 1st. 

We have a four day Memorial Day weekend... hip hip hooray.  Sara woke me up at 5am by falling out of bed.  She has a rail on her bed but somehow kicked it out.  Marc left for bed at 5:30, and I haven't fallen back to sleep.  I have been reading a children's book, by Rush Limbaugh.  Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims, it is surprisingly good.  I have not had an observation this year (well honestly it been years since I had one) With the APPR that was implemented by NYS we are supposed to get one each year that correlates to a score of how effective we are as a teacher.  So nothing like the last possible moment.  I have been out of the classroom 4 of the past 5 days for class advisor, and interviewing students for the Academy of Finance.  Tuesday am, Evan has a student of the month breakfast, so I will escape for an hour to attend.  Thursday I have a pre-observation meeting and then my observation.  To top it off my final exam for the class is June 3rd... three class days after my observation.  The phrase lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine pops into my mind.  I thought I was getting lucky and avoiding one.  I know its part of my job, but really... 3 days before my final??

Monday, May 5, 2014

Lions and Tigers and Bears...

Suddenly we are learning everything we can about snakes, lions, tigers, and bears.  Evan has been doing animal units at school and is asking a zillion questions about animals.  He asked if I would take him to the Disney nature Bears movie this weekend.  He has such terrible seasonal allergies that I try to keep him inside when its windy so I said yes.  Well first of all I am not an animal lover.  He checked out snake books from the library and we had to read them before bed.  I squirmed throughout the entire book.  My mom offered to join us for the movie and I laughed and said I was paying $8 for a nap.  I was wrong the movie was adorable.  Evan and I both loved it.  We will be renting more Disney Nature movies on Amazon.  The Dollar Tree had some National Geographic level 2 & 3 readers on Polar bears, reptiles, etc. that I picked up too.

     We participated in our first Home Depot children's class.  The kids made flower pot holders.  We had lots of fun making them and this week the kids are signed up for a Lowe's class.  This weekend we have to pick up tickets for Sara's
  recital.  The procedure is terrible.  We have to wait outside for the tickets to go on sale at 2pm.   Mothers from last year said to expect to be in line for a long time.  I plan on going around noon.  What a terrible waste of time!!  Marc is taking the kids to Tulip Festival.  The Festival has a great parade and midway.  Hopefully I can pick up my tickets and head out early enough to watch the kids go on a few rides.

Sara loves flowers and I allowed her to pick the first two that opened in our yard.  Last week I told her if she did really well with speech she could pick the first Tulip that bloomed.  Well the dandelions started blooming this week.  Sara asked us not to put that stuff on the grass anymore because she wants lots of flowers.  Marc and I didn't agree.  So we walked the neighborhood in search of Dandelions and she was a happy girl returning home with a small bouquet.   


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Celebration time! - just realized this has been a draft for a year!

Notice the crazy kid in the classes feet in the air!  Thank goodness he isn't returning next year!

We had pre-k celebration today, Evans school saves graduation until Kindergarten.  What a wonderful program.  It started at 12:30 with a procession onto the stage, followed by songs, poems, some dancing, and prayers.  This was adorable, 20 four and five year olds on stage.  The amazing part is the program lasted almost an hour. 
   The highlight was the kids dancing and singing along with Pete the Cat rocking in his school shoes.  The kids went wild dancing each time it was "rocking in my school shoes".  The also sang a Laurie Berkner song about feelings.  Their own version of "Your a Grand Old School", "The World is a Rainbow", and a poem with hand motions for Mom and Dad, they also had Dads come up to the stage and they were presented with frames the children had made for fathers day. 
     Each student was given a certificate for Preschool completion and the event was followed by ice cream.  Evan was so excited and proud.  I feel like Sara is ready to lead the class next year after experiencing so much through Evan this year. 
    We have been battling sick kids the past few days, Evan had a very sore throat Thursday and Friday.  By Saturday he was so miserable I took him to the Peds, only to be told it was a virus.  He is so dramatic when he is sick.  Well Saturday night Sara woke up with a fever and told me she was going to "puke up", luckily we made it to the bathroom.  Today is day 3 of the fever and today she woke up sounding croupy and crying her throat hurt.  I had planned on a half day but ended up taking the entire day.  She was pretty good most of the day but as she sat down for dinner she threw up again.  I'm praying tomorrow we will all be healthy.  I have 8 more days of Exams to grade, proctor and clean up for next year. 
    The weather has been so crummy, the hot days are few and far between.  We planted a garden this year and the rabbits ate most of it this week.  Sara was so excited to have peas and lettuce growing and the rabbits had a feast.  Marc installed a fence so hopefully they don't dig to deep under it.  They chewed through the plastic fencing we had up. 
    We had promised Evan a gift if he stayed on green all year on the classroom behavior chart.  Well he did it and today we gave him an Ironman Lego.  He sat from 2-4:30 and assembled the entire lego without assistance it was 364 pieces for 6-12 year olds.  Evan loves legos and following instructions to build them.