Sunday, April 6, 2014

The first tooth!!

We visited the Dentist on New Years Eve and they told us Evan would be loosing his tooth any day.  Well, Evan refused to wiggle it or touch it.  So I this week it was so loose I finally had him wiggle it a little (okay all I could talk him into was 5 wiggles at a time).  I laughingly told him I want that tooth gone today as I walked out the door to grocery shop.  Marc called while I was at Wegmans and Evan's tooth fell out in the shower.  We did save it though.  So at 6 years and a day short of 2 months we have officially lost the first tooth!

     He didn't make a big deal about it all day, but when it was time for bed, he became very teary.  He told me he was going to miss his tooth and its been a good tooth.  It was hard to keep a straight face as the tears began to stream down his face.  Poor little guy can be so tough at times but can also be so sensitive.  I told him I was sad that my little boy was growing up and he promised me he would always love me.  So we are awaiting the tooth fairy's arrival tonight.

Each time we drive through our village there is a assisted living center and I tell Sara that Grandmas and Grandpas live there when they can no longer take care of themselves.  Well, almost every day Sara tells me that I can live with her and she will take care of me and her baby.  She is my little buddy and so much fun at this age.  I would love to freeze her right here.   She is still so innocent and loving.  I teared up over my Dad the other day and she took me by the hand into her bedroom and had me look at his picture and then hugged and kissed me. 

She is also a charmer.  She is pretty vain and is not afraid to give out lots of smiles in public.  Today in church she was busy charming all of the elderly parishioners. 

Monday, March 31, 2014


      We finally found a love of reading in our house.  It was a matter of finding the right subject to get Evan off and running.  Around Christmas time he was reading level 1 books and hadn't found books that really interested him.  Evan is my picky kid, he only likes certain toys, movies, foods.  Once Evan finds what he likes he is happy.  So I bought a few Lego level 1 books and some superhero, Biscuit, and Little Critters books.  He loved the Lego books and was devouring them.  Unfortunately the library doesn't carry any.  So after a weekly investment in Lego books (thank goodness for Amazon prime) he told me he needs something more challenging.  So a stack of Level 2 books arrived and he does them 90% on his own.  When we are reading about superheroes there are some difficult vocabulary words.  He can be lazy about sounding out words. But once I tell him the word he doesn't forget it. 
    I look forward to having Sara read because she is never as picky as him.  She will most likely be so proud to read that she will read the hundreds of other books in our house. 
    Sara returned to the Dr's. on Saturday with her second bout of Strep this month.  She also was diagnosed with it on 3/17.  Now we have Augementin which is disgusting.  I have been measuring it out and then adding snow cone syrup to it to disguise the flavor.  She gets a few M&M's before her dose and a few after.  The taste of it is horrid.  I contemplated teaching her to take pills but my Mom who is a pharmacist said it comes in a huge tablet.  We have 7 more days of it and hopefully no more strep throat.  My Mom said I have never had it, either has Evan.  My mother in law told me everyone in their family had it multiple times.  I hope its not a yearly event for poor Sara.
  Today I did lunch duty at the kids school.  I do it every other Monday during my lunch period.  When I came home today and asked the kids about the day, Sara told me it was  great day.  When I asked why she told me because Mom came to school today!  Friday the kids have Catholic Charities Carnival day.  They have bounce houses, carnival games,  raffle items, and small toys to purchase.  We cleaned some unwanted gifts from our home and donated them.  Since we have had some unexpected sick days I am being cautious about taking any time off.  So far I have had 7.5 days and know I will need some more half days for the kids graduations at the end of the year.  Grandma is going to attend the carnival with the kids on Friday.  I am sad to miss it, it was great fun last year.  I think I will try to pick some pizza up and run over on my lunch Friday.  Many parents stay for the carnival and eat lunch with their children on this day. 
    This past weekend we visited a maple sugar farm.  Saturday night we received a foot of snow, so it wasn't as fun filled as anticipated.  We did purchase some syrup and some cotton candy.  The farm we visited was only a few miles from our house.  In the past we visited a huge operation that had wagon rides and vendors.  Maybe next year if the weather permits. 
    This weekend we have 2 birthday parties on Saturday and I am supposed to go out for dinner with my high school friends.  Since I have had children I am so bad about spending time with my friends.  I have a few that I talk to each week or month and the others I talk to once or twice per year.  It seems each time I make plans someone is sick and I have to cancel. 
    Today was in the 50's and we spent some time outside.  It was so nice to see neighbors and to let Evan and Sara run around.  We really have been stuck inside for months.  It was such a chilly winter they only went out a few times to play. 
    I have been so bad about taking pictures of the kids.  As I was looking at our monthly calendar I realized I barely have any pictures to make next years.  We have some fun events coming up around Easter so I will have to get busy! 

Monday, March 17, 2014

I thought March was a sign of spring??

This winter seems to be endless.  I know I am from Buffalo, NY... the city with a bad reputation for snow.  Honestly I can't remember a winter like this since I was in grade school.  We have had 8 snow days, 2 blizzards, 2 ear infections, and now strep throat.

I was so excited for St. Patrick's day today.  A leprechaun visited our house last night and colored the toilets green, put a shamrock on the toilet paper to seal the rolls, left green frosting messages for the kids, put stickers on their hands last night, and left green M&M's in their boots this morning.  Evan and I are planning on building a Lego trap after school to catch him. 

My silly girl at a bowling party
Sara has been struggling for the past few weeks with her ears.  She had her 2nd ear infection so far around Valentines Day and then had fluid in her ear (which is only treatable by Benadryl, Sara and Benadryl don't work well together) and she started complaining each morning her ear hurt.  Saturday night she said the top of her mouth hurt and was up a lot and very inconsolable last night.  This morning I planned on having my Mom take her to the walk in clinic at our pediatricians.  Well Sara was hysterical and on letting go of me, which is so out of character for her even when she is sick.  I called in to work at 7:10, I am supposed to be there at 7:50.  We went to the peds and hit the right time and did not have to wait.  Her ears were fine, and they asked if I wanted to do a strep test. .   I said why not we are her, Sara was not a fan of this test.  It came back positive and hopefully she can return to school tomorrow.  We are now on our second prescription for amoxicillin this winter and the 3rd in her life. Evan was not happy that Mom was home and he wasn't. 

I scrubbed the bathroom today, I even did the grout!!  Now I need to tackle the master bath.  That room is my biggest downfall.  Since no one sees it I am terrible about doing a really thorough cleaning.  Marc scrubs the shower and I do the sinks, toilet, and counters.  But, I am really bad about the baseboards, floor (we have dark tile and grout) and wiping down the cabinets.  I would love to have someone come to do the bathrooms, floors, and dusting.  Maybe next year that will be my plan from the beginning of the school year.

We make our last car payment this week!!  It will be so nice to not have a payment.  If only our crazy property taxes would end we could really get ahead.  This year our taxes were $9,000.  The are up $3,000 from when we built this house.. its crazy!! 

Evan was student of the week and needed a picture of him at school
We have had a busy winter, Evan's birthday party.  Birthday parties for their classmates almost every weekend.  We have been to a movie party, bowling parties. a movie night at a home,  a bakery party, and they will continue through the end of the school year.  Luckily last year I hit a great clearance sale at Wegmans and Target and stocked up on squirt guns, snow cone makers, and sprinklers, we are prepared with a stockpile of gifts. 

All Butterflies
Last week we celebrated Irish Night at our church.  The kids had an amazing time.  There were Irish dancers, music, crafts, food, and a great game of tag!  We also visited the Science museum over February Break, and this weekend did a program at Wegmans where the kids made their own organic salad and planted two organic plants.  The Wegmans program was a bargain for $5.  They offer them almost every month but we have never went before.  Sara's best friend and her mom joined us for a girls day and we had a blast.  On Friday Sara had Dad's day.  He picked her up from school and took her to Fisher Price for some hand modeling and then to Applebees for lunch.  Dad took her to dance for the first time and she was proud little girl. 

Racing with his best bud Brady

Legos Evan builds without any help

Snow Days...

This is a post from February... I'm a bit behind

These snow days seem to be endless.  I never thought I would complain about to many snowdays.  We have had 4 this month and one in December, I am pretty sure we will have another one tomorrow.  The kids love being home and I do get lots done, but my work load at school is another story.  We were supposed to administer tests to the high school students this week.  In between proctoring exams we can work on our materials, grade our own midterms, and finish first semester grades.  Losing two days this week is not ideal.  So far the rumor is we won't have to make up days.  Our contract is 188 days and NY requires 180 days.  I guess we will have to see what happens. 
     Today we celebrated with snow cones (made with ice not the snow outside).  Last year while wishing for a snow day I told the kids we could celebrate with snow cones.  They never let me forget it.  We worked on hats for crazy hat day on Thursday.  This week is Catholic school week and the kids are missing all of the fun days.   Tomorrow Evan is supposed to go the movie theatre (there is one a block away from the school).  Today the Bishop was going to visit the school. 

   Marc called around 9am and said he forgot to pack enough clothes for the week.  He is usually gone 2 night a week.  His company was taken over and last week he was gone 4 nights in a row, he went from Buffalo to Philly  to Detroit to Ohio and finally home.  I am hoping this week won't be so long.  Today he went back to Philly.  So I had to meet him near the big mall so I ran into JCP's, Old Navy and Michaels.  Our JCP had really nice stainless cookware for 9.97 per piece.  Since my pots were 15 years old and looking pretty rough I splurged and for $50 I have almost a complete set.  The only pot I am missing is the 8quart pot.  Unfortunately they didn't have it. I will take our old ones to our cottage where we lack quite a few pots and pans.   I didn't find anything at Old Navy but I was only looking for a super hero shirt for Sara.  Tomorrow is Super Hero day, so she is content to wear Evan's sweatshirt instead of a pink girl shirt.  At Michaels' I picked up some foam hats and some decoration's for them.  Sara and I had fun decorating, we even took pictures from the school site and laminated the teacher pictures.  Our plan is to attach them like a rainbow over the top with pipe cleaners.  I am sure they will be thrilled to see yearbook pictures... NOT... I hate when my students look at the old ones! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Sara and the scissors

  Well I knew it was coming eventually.  My curious, headstrong little girl has cut some hair.  We had a snow day last Tuesday and Wednesday and as I started to vacuum the family room I saw chunks of hair on the ground.  Hoping it was doll hair I screamed for Sara.  It was  perfect match to her.  She chopped her hair chin length in with a few cuts on each side.   The front of her hair was pulled back in a rubber band and that was our saving grace.  Her hair looks choppy right now but isn't overly noticeable.  So in  a few weeks we will get it cleaned up.  A few months ago she cut her Sophia dolls hair and a Barbie head.  I knew she was very tempted but didn't think she would cut her hair (well I prayed she wouldn't). 
    In a fit of rage she received two spankings and was sent to her room.  Then I proceeded to put some fear into her.  Sara is very vain.  I told her it looked ugly and we were going to have to cut it short, that she would have the shortest hair in her class.  She sobbed she didn't want to be bald.  I told her she was staying in her room until dinner.  Its not often that I am this angry but its not the first time she has been in trouble with scissors.  Evan and I did homework the night before and left them out accidently.  I went to check on her after ten minutes and she was combing her hair to make it grow.  I let her come downstairs but made her sit in a chair for an hour.  This is the longest punishment she has ever had.  She cried don't tell Miss Lauren (her dance teacher).  I told her I am going tell everyone but Miss Lauren how naughty she was.  I asked her why she did it and she told me she doesn't remember.   I pray we have learned our lesson, now all scissors are on the fridge.

    Today the Speech practice that did Sara's evaluation called and told me I am 14th on the waiting list.  We have our private therapist coming to the house.  Depending on how the insurance actually reimburses this I may skip the clinic.  We would drive 30 minutes each way for a 30 minute appointment twice a week.  Currently we have a one hour appointment at our own home once per week.  I don't think the savings will be worth the time spent in the waiting room, city parking, traffic, and dragging two kids out after a full day of school. 

    Sara is obsessed with playing baby.  We play this scenario over and over she calls me on the phone to tell me she is going to have a baby today.  Then she pretends to come over with her new baby so I can fuss over her.  She then calls me Grandma for the next hour.  It is really sweet but I'm not ready to be a Grandma at 40!  Funny when I think many of my friends are or will be before 50!  We have twenty years to go! 

    NYS has made school districts implement a APPR Plan.  Its a crazy evaluation plan.  Each teacher is supposed to have two observations and two unannounced 15 minute evaluation.  We are almost half way through the school year and I haven't had either.  Because I teach computers classes and Accounting using iPads I teach for 15 minutes and then the kids generally work independently with me checking progress, so when this does occur it should be interesting. 

Monday, January 6, 2014


Wow it is officially labeled a blizzard outside.  We had returned to school last Thursday and then had Friday off due to -20 wind-chill.  Although Friday was Sunny and beautiful it was very cold.  Today we returned to school again but everyone knew we would have a snow day called for tomorrow.  The forecast is predicting -20--30 wind chills again.  Tonight the winds whipped up and it is officially a blizzard.  Even thought we live in Buffalo, we haven't had an actual blizzard in over 20 years.  The past few years have been very mild.

     This year Marc did not want to pay $400 for our plow guy.  I argued and won.  Our Driveway is not unmanageable and we have a very good snow blower.  Marc leaves for work at 5:45am, when he is home, and I leave at 7:25.  Getting up and snow blowing with two kids sleeping in the house would be a disaster or coming home and not getting up our steep driveway would never work.  Thank goodness for the plow!  I grew up with 3 older brothers and never mowed a lawn or snow blowed until I was married.  Now my female neighbors give me grief when I do it.  At our old house I did it often but now with kids it doesn't occur frequently. 

   Tomorrow there is driving bans and everything is closed.  I'm wondering if we will be back to school on Wednesday.  We have now used 3 of our 4 allotted snow days.  It looks like it will be an interesting winter. 

    We had a play date with Evans friend Brady on Saturday.  He has a younger sister who is 3.  The kids play wonderfully together. 

  Thursday is a big day, we find out which Catholic schools will close and consolidate.  I think and pray that our school is safe, but if not we will be scrambling to decide what to do next year.  Currently my kids have a 5 minute bus ride, I can't imagine anything over 30 minutes.  Growing up I had an hour bus ride and it was unbearable.  I cringe at thinking of changing schools, Evan is very hesitant to change and would be lost in the enormous elementary school in our district. 

     We started speech therapy for Sara last week.  After calling all the agencies around and adding her name to the waiting list I decided to pursue private therapy.  We found a woman that teaches for a college and has a small private practice.  She is coming to our home once a week.  The killer is the rate it is $80 per hour.  Our health insurance will pick up 80% of the customary rate for our area after we reach a $100 deductible.  I am hoping it will work out to around $20 after we are reimbursed.  We started with three sounds the K, G, and D sound.  Sara tested very high with an IQ in the 130's but has terrible articulation.  Her vocabulary is outstanding but tough to understand.  So hopefully tomorrow it will clear enough for a visit. 

As I sit in our family room right now I can feel a draft coming through our fireplace.  I can't see across the street and all I hear is the wind outside.  I can't imagine living in an area with tornado's or hurricanes.  Our only fear is losing power and we do have a generator and a gas fireplace. Marc is somewhere in PA tonight and I would be begging a neighbor for help!  I have flashlights ready just in case.  We have never lost power during a snowstorm and hopefully never will! 

   The kids and I filled balloons with water and food dye yesterday  and only one actually froze solid, Evan dropped one and broke it, and one is still outside to freeze.  I saw it on pinterest.  The frozen colored balls look really neat in the landscape if they aren't covered by snow!  Tomorrow we will attempt to do some valentine crafts a few weeks early.  Tomorrow I will add some pictures. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Wow, that went by so quickly.  What a wonderful holiday.  We spent Christmas Eve going to Mass, and then came home and Marc's Dad, brother, and my Mom joined us for dinner.  I set the oven to go on while we were at church to warm up a ham. Well it wasn't successful and we came home to a cold oven.  So we enjoyed some appetizers and had dinner a bit later.  The kids loved playing with Marc's half brother who is 16.  As they were leaving Sara was very upset she said we needed to sing "O' Christmas Tree", she then wanted us to join hands and circle around the tree as we swayed and sang the song.  I think she saw this on Charlie Brown but it was very sweet and a wonderful way to end the night.  She may have started a new tradition. 

    Christmas morning, Marc and I woke up at 5am.  I turned the Christmas tree lights on and we waited... until 6:50 when Evan awoke and I told him to wake up Sara.  The kids were ecstatic to see the tree.  Evan kept searching for the Lego Marvel game he wanted, he was funny he searched his stocking and presents looking for the game.  He was getting very nervous that it didn't arrive.  Luckily it did (I had to make a last minute trip to Best Buy since this became the number one item on Friday and I hadn't bought it).  I did order one online and it still hasn't arrived from  Sara loved her Sophia desk and her doll bunk beds.  We relaxed at home until around 1 and then headed to my Mom's.  The kids exchanged gifts with their cousins and Grandma gave out gifts.  Sara received a American Girl (Target version) and instantly fell in love with it.  She is very impressed with her American Doll and has dressed and redressed her all day long.  She asked if we could go to the American Doll Store and leave Evan at Grandmas today.  Since the closest store is 6 hours away this isn't happening anytime soon!
     We went to lunch today with the retired teachers aide I used to work with.  She was my savior last spring when our babysitter quit unexpectedly and over the summer during the wake and funeral.  The kids chose Applebees and we ran into the babysitter who quit on me last year.  We had a lazy day at school exploring the new toys, games, and remote control cars.  I bought Sara a very basic one and Evan a more advanced one.  The basic toddler one is the winner.  I think I ordered it over the summer from Amazon for under $10. 
    Tomorrow we head to the dentist for the kids check up.  Evans lower teeth are getting  pretty loose.  I don't think we will make it to his birthday in February without loosing his tooth.  Sara has asked to go to Viddlers an old fashioned 5 and 10 store.  We may stop at my Aunts to see her Christmas tree too.  Saturday Marc is working all day, his company was bought out and they have a mandatory meeting.  I may call Evans best friend for a play date.  He has a younger sister that is 3 and the four of them have a blast together.